LFG Smaller Guild PVE/PVP

Back into the game for Dragonflight, looking for a smaller family-ish guild. Alliance or Horde, preferably horde since my characters are already there.

I have a DK, DH, and Rogue at 70 but will probably swap to whatever class the guild is short on. Happy to do some raiding, mythics, pvp… etc. Just looking to make some friends.


I know you said preferably horde but we are alliance. Stormwind Counting House has been around a long time. We don’t have many active players now but we are looking to bring back a good group. The few of us that are active we are very friendly and I’d consider them my wow family. I’d love to see you join!

Sorry posted from the wrong toon. This is Stormwind Counting House!

Hey Miserable! We’re on Horde too! Looking to add to our family. Would like to chat with you. Send me a message on Battle tag - Doja#1897 or Discord - Doja#3442