[LFG RP-PvX] Two Vulpera Merchants/Inventors Seek Guild

Greetings Azeroth and beyond!

Our names are Anhi and Yorri, and we’re looking for a guild to call home! We hail from Vol’dun, but have recently made the trek to Orgrimmar to join others like us in meeting our new allies.

Both of us are inventors of sorts, though I personally pride myself more on my merchant abilities, while Yorri is definitely the more hands-on sort. Do you think maybe you would be a good fit for us?



We’re two adults with normal full-time jobs, based in EST and looking for a guild that does RP as well as general PvX. We’re big into exploration, completion, and transmog, as well as of course RP, dungeons and seldomly but sometimes, PvP as well.

If you think you may know a good fit for us, we’d be all ears! (Vulpera joke, lol).


Welcome! I hope you can find a home here on WRA. Horde is a bunch of good eggs, I’m sure you’ll be RPing and running stuff with others in no time.

Check out WrA Information & Directories for a list of guilds and communities. It’s a good place to start looking! Good luck!

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Thanks, we’ve actually spent quite a bit of time going through the list, but so far have been unable to find something that seems active (at least during our playtime). I’m not sure if it’s just the lull before the expansion or whatnot, but many of the guilds we’ve been interested in seem like they have no one on. That’s why I’ve chosen to post. :slight_smile:

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Hey friend we are a PVE PVP RP guild! Our theme is adventure, and we work with a number of guilds! Along with this we have a discord specific for RP, so we have plenty of fun immersion events! If you are interested my btag is SpareLyric#1417 I hope to hear from you, and I hope you have a dandy day!


Join Hand Of Algalon.

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I’ve been on the lookout for the better part of this year and yah, it seems like it’s just post-expansion lull. I was hoping things would start popping up again around pre-patch but now that the expansion is delayed I expect guilds will be delayed too.

Yeah, I had an interest in Firebrand and a couple of others, but with the number of players in their roster, to only see one or two on during primetime was a bit disheartening.

There are many great guilds out there! You got this!