LFD question in WoLK "Classic"

Seems legit to me! (I mean as a polling sample)

I honestly feel like it would make the most sense to have to separate wrath of the lich king classic clients if i am being honest. One that includes the dungeon finder, and one that does not.

Then again, we cannot all get what we want. Oh well. But that is how i would do it, because lower leveling is going to be a pain. I already quit during bc classic as i did not get high enough when bc classic took place of classic wow. I got to like 47. Impossible to form groups, and the same thing will be true in wrath.

Once i get at least one level 80 though, i can breathe easy, because then i can just solo my low toons through the content they need done, and won’t have to worry about trying to find the impossibility of forming groups anymore. As of now, it will be annoying.

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In cataclysm classic, if they ever get that far, i do not think no dungeon finder and no raid finder will be as big of a deal, because questing is actually viable as an option at that point. You cannot just do only quests and make levels in wrath still. You will almost always end up grinding at some point regardless.

At the end of the day, hopefully i can make some progress. Never could in bc classic.

Sad. It should be as public as the dungeon or mount polls we had.

Then again for something like lfd, I feel they’d just do their own thing.

please blizzard, for the love of all that is holy and unholy, add LFD back. it was added for a good reason. i hate the current system. I’m a outgoing social player, and will actively make friends in random groups. Randos is how you meet new people. let the 1% have their guild groups, and please give us random dungeon finder.


Twitter and other sources that non players decide our fate as players who play, example of bad judgment.

Blizzard: Lets ask the non player base what they want.