LF US Late night

Hello late nighters! Im on a server that doesnt seem to have much going on when i play! I work late nights have for about 10 years and am looking for a guild to roll my rogue with! I can do early mornings(730-800ish start CST) as well or very early evenings(4pm CST) but i would like something with a late nighter presence(my guild in vanilla was mainly aussie n kiwis loved that). Anyways ive been at it since launch know the fights (not naxx except relaunched n a few in aq40). Alliance horde doesnt matter but would like to atleast have the numbers to do mc i dont mind helping progression! So help me pick a server and find a home. Thanks for your time and have a great day.

Lets see if these times fit you.

Hello Irrogue!

New guild that is looking to build a solid core for SL!

DM me if you have questions or if you are interested! :slight_smile: