LF Senior Citizen Guild

Just as the title says, looking for a guild where a senior citizen would fit in. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

There is one I know of on Aerie Peak. They are United Ancient Artifacts. Great 50+ only guild with some good people. They also have a FB page so you can join their community.

Thank you!

All old people are not nice. I do not recommend that guild. 77 year old tank has yelled and screamed at a disabled person. They run LFR as a guild, and when they have to pug a few people, that greed or need on the gear and wait until the pugs have left and then split it between guild members. There are some really good people there. A few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch and it starts with the main leader.

If you find one, let me know. Alliance only.

Hi Ambiguous. Thank you for liking our guild posting. Are you still looking for a guild ? As youÔÇÖve seen, we are not purely a senior citizen guild; however, we do have a fair few folks in their early to late 60s and itÔÇÖs growing in number. Please feel free to reach out to me in game/discord if youÔÇÖre still looking. Thanks for liking our guild posting and all the best in finding a guild home, even though oops i see this was last dated in 2019 ;D

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My post was recent.

Hi there, what server are you on?

Heyo US Nordrassil with 4 other Allied realms- Khaz modan, Muradin, Azjol-nerub and Blackrock

I recently joined this guild and have found everyone extremely nice and welcoming.