LF rp-inclined interactions


My wife and I are back after a long break (left shortly before Pandaria was introduced). We leveled our first batch of characters and took advantage of the Legion expansion to unlock Void Elves. When we are done leveling each night (we play weeknights and eventually on weekends), my wife goes to sleep and I have an extra hour or two to play. We intend on leveling together, so the extra time I have I plan on spending in SW interacting with other players, otherwise leveling my secondary professions and farming mats for both of us. Should I look for an RP based server, or is there a rp-hungry community around?

I am looking for someone fluent in the lore, interested in being a guide, or ambassador for the recently arrived refugee (female Void elf, arcane mage, shadow priest or Warlock, still undecided). Any race of any class can work. The idea is to catch up with what happened since Deathwing chatting while fishing or whatnot in game, instead of reading a lame timeline online.

The interaction can be friendly, romantic, academic (master/apprentice), dark, light, religious, or anything in between. It is not a job, so there will be nights (weeks maybe) that you don’t feel like typing and that is completely understandable. Since English is not my first language, good grammar is important so I can continue to improve my vocabulary. I also prefer no limitations on mature content, so 18+ is better but younger folks can stop and say hi. I have a healthcare background in real life, and I plan on using it while describing what happened after using demonic consumption on a Naga. Believe me, as a DM I leave people without sleeping a night or two…often. :japanese_ogre:

Thank you.