LF reliable 3s

Trying to find people that actually want to que regularly next season on 1 comp

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What comp?

Open to a few classes

The back and forth communication is incredible. Especially the specific class/specs listed by the Druid to help assist the hunter if they have a viable comp they would both enjoy, “open to a few classes”.

They will definitely be playing thousands of games in the future!

Good luck fellas!

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This was much funnier in your head I’m assuming


level ten post

Why is it that every 2 days theres a new troll posting passive agressive all over and I have to train myself to ignore it just be consistent man.

Public Service Announcement: Even if someone hides their profile you can still see all their posts by going into the search function and typing their character name in the “Posted By” section.



if i don’t get suspended i think im down to actually push.

Hmu if you stick around

What times are you thinking :thinking:? How much commitment


What comps are options?

What are you playing and what rating? Im on pretty much every day for hours and really want to push next season

Mainly played lock/dk/survival but if I find people that are serious about developing I’ll learn something else.

EST time zone but a lot of flexibility when I can play. Weekends are fine unless I have a tee time. Career duelist looking to improve or find out if I’m at my ceiling.

Im trying to stick with affliction but i will be choosing an alt so i dont get burned out, have been leaning towards rogue.

Im definitely down if you play anything that could work with lock, or maybe rogue.

Rating wise i just hit my personal best of 2k so im a bit behind, but ive spent most of the past playing 10 characters at once and thats done.

Est time zone as well. Probably anywhere from 2-5 hrs a day and usually leaning towards 5. Ill probably end up pulling back on that a bit, real life and all

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