LF Raven Resolved

Title really says it all, let me know.

Edit: Sorry, I thought I saw one for 6.7K on Aegwynn just now. Right price but zero quantity.


and look down the page.

You can keep an eye on new listings from there.

If you have a friend in the game, now gold trading is cross-realm, you can

  • get them to make a character on the realm with a cheap one
  • trade gold to them from your main
  • they buy the Raven
  • they give it to you

FWIW, I wouldn’t buy an S/S now, since the speed-buff/power-nerf of the Darkness Birds.

The best breed of Gilnean Raven now is the Fledging Warden Owl :stuck_out_tongue:

First, really appreciate your turning me onto that site. Didn’t know about that one. But there’s a caveat, it apparently shows histories. Like the Aegwynn cheapo was from last December. Does show which ones are current and that’s what you’d need to look for to buy one now.

Apparently S/S Ravens are being offered for up to a million gold currently.

Yes, thank you. I have already edited my post.