LF raiding guild for SL

I am a new player looking to raid in SL, but I raided in other games before, mostly as a healer. For this reason I am looking at healing in SL raiding, and, for now, I am planning on heroic raiding, but I want to keep the option of mythic raiding open. Thus I may want to create my prospective main on a server that can support mythic raiding (I know Thunderlord, the server on which I am keeping my alts, doesn’t). I prefer Alliance over Horde at this point, and I am planning on going resto druid.

P.S. I may be willing to create my own guild if the existing schedules don’t fit.

Just join Dojo.


I would be interested in speaking with you if you are still looking for a guild!

Quick info
AOTC+ guild: Corrupted Cannoli

Faction: Horde

Server: Area-52

Raid times: Friday/Saturday 8-11 EST

Progression: 6/12 M

Blizz ID
Kenoshis1451 Floor tank
InTheShadows#1278 Raid Leader

Hope to chat soon!

Hey Callithea!

We are in need of healers! Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm-12am cst.

DM me if you have any questions or if you are interested! :slight_smile:


Hey! Cat Out Da Bag is a horde guild on Thrall formed by a group of friends that just returned to wow looking to set up a raiding guild to clear AOTC and hopefully enter into mythic raids. We’ve been playing together in multiple different games for about 5 years now.

Our raid days are Tues/Thurs 8-11pm EST and we currently need all roles.

If you are interested, feel free send me a message!
Bnet - Silverhand#1937
Discord - ainnan#6764