LF Raiding Guild [A]

When: Early weekend mornings(7 ST - 10ST*), Late Tuesdays/Sunday nights (9:30ST - 12-30ST*)

Who: Geared and experienced UH DK Morb Spec, missing 3 BiS items. Have geared Blood offset, gear for frost or UH SS.**

How: EPGP with Loot Council, DKP LC, and SR+ would be preferred

About: I am a WoW veteran, playing since the release in 2004. I have seriously raided since WOTLK starting with Ulduar doing original Hard Modes, TOGC Heroic, and ICC Heroic. Most of my time in WOTLK was spent on my Prot paladin and have tanked and healed almost all expansions. DPSing picked up in BFA carrying over to WoW Classic as a Rogue into SoM as a Warrior, and currently as a DK have pugged every raid. I am a student finishing my last semester of school.

*ST - Server Time
**I have a level 80 Prot paladin 200itl 3600gs, Bear Tank Druid 203itl 4001gs, and played shaman as my alt in original WOTLK