LF PvE / PvP Guild [H] Darkspear-US

Returning player/ 120 Warrior/ have previous raid experience from TBC 25-heroic (OT) & some N/H/M early Legion xp (DPS). Mature and friendly guild is a must. Thanks.

Underoath is a 12/12 Heroic group in search of DPS to build our core group for Mythic. We run M+ consistently within the guild, and are planning to create an RBG team, as well as an M+ carry team. We’re looking for consistent, and adaptable players that are looking for an enjoyable Mythic experience. We are located on Darkspear. If you’re interested, please contact me on discord, or in game.

Discord: Nutbucket#5549

Bnet: Ironbuns#1544

Hey there! Are you interested in doing world pvp, rated battle grounds, and arena?