LF old Shandris friends

Used to be Totemic on this server back in BC/WRATH. Anyone from those days still on here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Totemic! Dude… my old friend!!! Joshavia is still alive and kicking. I hope you see this and realize I’m still playing after all these years!

Holy blast from the past. Most people from those days are gone, and either stopped playing or transferred off. Welcome back though!

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I moved to Shandris in BC with MTS (our imposing Latin named guild) and we did hardcore raiding in Serpentshrine Cavern, Black Temple, and I have fond memories of running 10 mans in Icecrown & Argent Crusade, but I had some serious IRL stuff happen mid-cata, took a break came back to the game for WOD, and my guild dissolved in the interim, but i am still here after all these years.

I’ve been over on Zul’jin but Shandris, man those were the days! Might roll an alt on it for good memories, which will quickly be squashed by no one I used to play with still being around I’m sure :joy: