LF Old friends? Maybe? <Fancy Lads>/PAA and <Katipunan>

With classic coming out, I was reminded that I haven’t really talked to a lot of the people I knew in OG classic/BC and wanted to see if any were still around. I actually wandered over here after telling someone about the infamous Hexnub and googled to try to find some reference to show LOL.

So, LF my old school Dark Iron people. Like, all the Fancy Lads (RIP) and PAA people I knew. Or the only gnomes I’ll ever love, Biter and Hotan. The person who taught me to tank gud, Zilpah. And many others whose names escape me atm.

And since these servers are now merged, I guess this topic covers my Coilfang people too. My characters in BC on Coilfang were Eis, a warlock, and Schrei, a priest. I spent most of my time in Katipunan and eventually moved on with the US team to Ner’zhul, but I was also in Lex Talionis before it died (and I honestly can’t remember all the details but something something merger?).

Anyone still around from them old days?

Hi Fayori,
Goldenrod from KOTW here. I don’t think many folks from the PAA are on the server anymore but I too would like to re-connect if they are. I re-activated last weekend after being away since Lich King and intend to play classic when it launches. Anybody else?

ex Burly Men here.
I plan to get in on Classic and would definitely be keen if something ever eventuates re starting a PAA guild as those people and the events back in vanilla were fantastic.

KoA is the pretty much only guild left. Fancy Lads still has folks in it but they are mostly just placeholders. But mostly everyone folded into KoA, and even KoA is just running on fumes right now. Trippy started The Hurricane back up in WoD but they went to Proudmoore, I think. I’m going to playing classic, but I don’t think there’s any concerted effort to create a paa presence.

Original Vanilla Guild Founder here of
Anyone around from them? When did they collapse?
I’m mostly on TBC Classic now.