LF Old Eredar Friend Jabralter My name was Grand Marshall Valient

LF all my old buddies from eredar i was rank 14 pvp Valient from SoD, trying to track down all my old friends if anyone could lead me to a discord channel or some way or contacting him id greatly appreciate it

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If the Jabralter is Jab from Eye for an Eye you are looking for, he’s playing on US-Stormrage in the guild Nerd Crew on the Alliance side.

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That is him my friend! Thank you kindly! Any chance u have battle tag? As I don’t have an active subscription atm, might have to turn one back on! You’ve been a god send though sincerely appreciate the help! This is why I’ve always loved this community and Eredar!

Search Nerd Crew on US-Stormrage on wowprogress com and you will find what you are looking for!

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Thanks pal I found his battle tag! Any chance you know who luzeksky was? Mage in eye for an eye was Lukesky paladin in alliance as well?

Sorry, cant help you with this one. Good luck :wink:

Sup Valient! Dribbles here, we raided and PvPd together in Slayers of Doom when y’all did your runs for GM - I mostly played a dwarf warrior. Good times. I’ve continued playing on and off over the years and plan on coming back from Classic. Dribbles#1490