LF NZ-friendly raiding guild

Looking for a NZ-friendly raiding guild. Raid times are the biggest factor as I have work the next morning. Hoping to clear Heroic and push Mythic. Thanks :slight_smile:

Boop might suit your needs !

Entity is an Alliance heroic AOTC raiding guild on Aman’Thul, we are bolstering our core raid team moving into Shadowlands atm we are recruiting ranged and melee dps.

We have been around since Wrath and some of us have been playing together since BC, we are a mature, friendly, laid back bunch who like to have fun while we progress thru heroic content

We raid Weds and Thurs nights 8pm til 10.30pm server time nights, we run mythic plus throughout the week with groups running from low to high keys. If you think you might be interested then add me to bnet Kiiara#11694 or discord Kiiara#7700 and we can have a chat :blush:

Nemesis in frostmourne, 12/12M CE guild raids 8.30pm NZ time to 11.30pm NZ time, heaps of kiwis come join us. Raids sat and sunday. toa#1691

I should add that I would need to finish by 10pm server time and can’t do fri/sat