LF New Player Friendly Guild

Hello, as the title states i’m looking for a guild that is new player friendly and willing to help me get into Raiding and Mythic+ and such without the pressure of trying to be Mythic Raid ready as soon as i hit max… I’m open to joining any realm and faction, the most important aspect to me is just a chill and friendly group. If you have any questions or want to reach out the contact methods will be below. Thanks for reading.

Discord: Shaynzey#3223
Bnet: Shaynzey#1584

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I am still looking :slight_smile:

Still looking.

Hey Shay,
I didn’t respond directly as we are fairly small and can’t readily provide that competitive or non-competitive dungeon grouping. It’ a double edged sword being casual and a teaching environment, as we see a lot of folk “graduate” on to kill the big stuff. I do, dream to someday have a varsity or jr. varsity group, but I take casual -slow-grow quality any day first. I won’t pull just for numbers. We want family, communication, & souls.

It is your time, so if we are considered, it’s ok if you learn and graduate- just make sure you get what you need. Your… paladin might need to avoid our resident witch… or seclude themselves in the #secret.paladin.club - although I see it’s not human, she might let it slide <3

Here is our latest recruitment post with link to others and our contact information. Good luck!

Hello, not sure if you’ve found a guild already but we are Gates of Dawn. Alliance normal/heroic progression team. We are a pretty chill group that doesn’t mind taking in newbies and showing them the ropes. We raid Saturdays from 8am est till 11am once a week. Also do dungeons in the mean time. If that sounds good let’s chat

Currently looking for healers

Btag Ruqua#1111
Discord Ruqua#9062

Hey! We’re a chill group who welcome new players. We have teams that do dungeons, raids, level alts, the whole nine yards. I’ll send you a request, but you can see more of our details below. :slight_smile:

I sent a Disc invite to yah. Let’s chat!

Well hello there shaynzey! We are a mature adult guild full of good peeps and good players. We have always had the attitude that all are welcome here. If you are looking to become a good player in a nice, low pressure atmosphere then we might be the guild for you. The guild has been around ALONG time and alot of the members even longer. In case our guild peeks your interest I will post our guild info.
[A]”No Fun” 10/10N 5/10H SoD US-Proudmoore recruiting members to strengthen our raid team for current raid tier and shadow lands.
We are a low drama adult guild with a nice atmosphere and helpful members. We are into our 11th tier as a guild and plan to be around for a lot longer. The guild has achieved AOTC each tier with some mythic kills to boot.
Are members enjoy raiding, torghast, running mythic +, and a few even like arena and bg’s

Raid times Thurs/Fri 10pm-1am PST

For more info contact
Armageddon#1703 Toon name Wolfestyle
Talk to you soon.