LF Naxxramas carry

well the server is small and i am geting truble to find a nice core,iam a mediocre pally so i cant play on a harcore guild and i have terrible luck so here is my plea

if you have a guild or a core nax 25 i will make your guild bank a little richier if you can carry me i am not terrible just average and some times i die in mechanics but no a total stone on your neck

Hi there!

Conceited runs Naxx 10 and 25 on Wednesday and Thursday.
We are always looking for additional folks to help round out our raids. I will look for you in game.
We are also recruiting. Come run with us for a few raids and if the fit is right, join us!


We run Naxx Saturday & Sundays @ 7:45am server time. It’s a good team of guildies with some pumpers helping out to help lift the team’s success chances. Everyone’s getting geared out and we are in process of converting Sunday to Ulduar.

Reach out to me, GoodAlexei, Dermonte, and/or just ask for an officer of “Velocity Inc” (Alliance) to inquire for a spot. Need your primary and secondary specs, and your preference. Happy Gaming!