LF Mythic Raiders - [A] <The Bloodlust> 2/10M Fri/Sat 10pm-midnight Eastern

“The Bloodlust” is looking for more in-guild Mythic raiders. We are 2/10 Mythic. We have been working with PuGs, but I everything in-guild as much as possible. We are primarily looking for more DPS, though another tank would be welcome.

Progression raids are Fri. & Sat. Invites start about 9:45pm. Raid goes from 10pm-midnight Eastern. Look up “The Bloodlust” on WarcraftLogs to see how you’d stack up on DPS.

If you are interested, but not ready for Mythic, we have Alt/Casual runs on Weds. at 10pm-midnight to help folks gear up and learn fights.

Use the in-game tool to apply to guild, or look me up in game. Felwit on Argent Dawn. Happy Raiding!