Lf mature raiding group on weekends

I have a Holy Priest and a Frost Mage. Holy is my main and my mage is an alt I would like to get geared out. Im looking to join a guild the casually raids on weekends and makes progression.

Times: Sat/Sun 7-9PM CST/Server

We have a AOTC+ weekend group that’s for casual gamers. We’ll be starting out with normal in 8.3 before moving into heroic. If enough are interested we have and will dabble in Mythic down the road too!! Check out our forum below if interested!

Hello yes I am interested. I have a priest and a Mage. My battle tag is superpants.

Lok’tar, friend! Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde is recruiting for 8.3. We raid progression Fri/Sat 7-10 central and have a more casual group on Thursdays 7-10 central. We could definitely use your priest! :slight_smile:

Ember#1670 bnet
Ember#2528 disc

What’s the # with your btag? Mine’s Rivrine#1552

I added you. superpant#110222