LF Late Raiding guild for SL (Mythic progression)

 I am looking for a Late Night guild for SL that raids from **9PM Pacific** (12AM EST) onward. I'm interested in a Mythic progression guild, 2-3 days per week. 

*** At this moment my choice for main is: Shadow Priest. Warlock as 2nd choice.

 I prefer Alliance since most of my characters are Ally, but I have no issue going Horde if the guild fits me. 

 A bit about myself: 40 years old. I play wow since Nov 2004. With the exception of TBC and Cata, I have been raiding Mythic (or equivalent) in every expansion, usually on different classes/roles.

 I have a solid gaming PC with 400Mbps internet. Very good attendance.  

Please leave your guild’s info and contacts. Thank you.

add me airbourne88#1885

I feel we may be a perfect fit for you.