LF Late night Raiding Guild

Hey all! I’m looking for a late night guild to raid and run M+ with.

I have an ilvl 216 pally on an Aussie server as well as a ilvl 200 mage, but Aussie time zones make raiding (and lag) very inconsistent so I’m looking for something on my local realm here in Ner’zhul. I’ve geared up this unholy DK for raids, but I am willing to fill any role needed. I have a lot of high end raiding experience. I used to raid with Final Ascent back in the WoTLK days.

I have 10/10 N and 9/10H Castle Nathria experience so I am looking for a guild that is pushing for AoTC or may already have it and is looking for more help.

I am consistently logged in around 10:30pm so a late night raid start time is preferable (10 or 10:30pm is best, but I may be able to work with something a bit earlier), any days of the week. Anyways, thanks for checking out the post and hopefully there’s a good fit out there, thanks all!