LF Late night raiders

This is not a guild recruitment. But, we are looking for people who want to raid later than the normal server times. Frayed Knot will be hosting our first run this Wed, 5/27, in ZG starting at 10p server time. All we ask is that you come prepared for the run, have a positive attitude, and a good sense of humor. We don’t promise it will be pretty but we do promise it will be fun!

Even though this will be our first run, and technically it will be a PUG, it is something we would like to keep going and continue on a weekly basis. We do not require anyone to join our guild in order to raid with us. We are simply looking to make connections with others who also want/need to raid later.

Find one of our officers in game (Saintless, Darl, Bayez, Frosoro) or sign up for this week’s run in discord: discord.gg/puQVzZn (under raid-connections)