LF Late Night Guild come Shadowlands

I am actively looking for Late Night people to play shadowlands with.

I started playing wow in the summer of 2006 and have been playing priest since late BC/early wrath. I played all of BFA raids (mythic) up until classic was announced. I have been playing Classic non stop since its launch but Shadowlands is looking like it will bring me back to retail.

I currently have beta and am starting to look into what I want to main in shadowlands. I am leaning toward staying with my priest and playing Disc with a shadow offspec. Looking into playing druid and rogue as alts. Prefer Horde but if I can find like minded alliance, I could be swayed to go turn.

I am currently a healing lead/officer in my current guild on classic. I will be looking to raid around the times of 12:00am-?? EST. I am also very active in PvP and will be looking to try and get as far up the ladder as I possibly can. I also actively stream.

I look forward to hearing from you, please contact me @

Sign me up!

Howdy Soxx,

we are a TW 10-2a est, might be a bit too early for you but if not check us out.

We are a CE guild that is aiming for 150 US +/-. We are a group of individuals who range from top 10 US guilds to top 200 US. We are looking to fill our last remaining spots. We are looking for raiders with prior CE experience.

Our Goals

  • Cutting Edge every tier
  • Near 150 U.S. rank
  • Sales once content is cleared

Raid Times

  • T/W 10pm-2am EST

High Priority

  • Priest - any spec
  • Monk - MW or exceptional WW

Medium Priority

  • Paladin - Any spec
  • Rogue - Any spec
  • Hunter - MM / BM

Any serious inquiries will be accepted!

You can apply here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhgJPvWjGlqSkYePC_YMZIf3kQb_ycbFzGqn08e2U4hEIwpA/viewform?embedded=true

You can reach us through Btag.

Almost :frowning: everything looks good except the times… Still at work at 10

Well I wish you luck in your search ty for the reply.

ALL ABOARD!!! “ Choo Choo Train Brigade ” is a mythic weekend raid team on Thrall that is looking to expand.

We are made up of dedicated, hard working, consistent players that have played together for a few years and like to have a good time. 18+ is preferred due to adult language and humor. We are looking for players that are very aware of their surroundings, have a good knowledge of their class and role to round out our team, and move towards a greater goal. We are 11/12M. We are looking for team players with a positive attitude that are able to take criticism and improve off of it. We also take friends and family of raiders and casuals.
We Want to get CE this tier and hit the ground running in shadowlands.

Fri: 12AM - 3AM EST
Sat: 12AM - 3AM EST


Our times match up perfectly from the looks of it.

I would agree

Bump! Soxx looking like you got some interest. Hopefully we get to tear it up in some pvp this xpac.

Still talking to a few people, i wanna make a decision by the end of the week so i can get situated. Keep the plugs and btags rolling

Hey Soxx, I’d like to chat with you about possibly raiding with us :slight_smile: We are looking for a core healer (now and shadowlands).

Reprieve {11/12M} is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Thrall [Horde]. Our current schedule is 2 nights a week , Tues/Weds night at 12am (midnight) to 3am EST. (9pm-12am PST).

If you are interested and If this time slot works for you, please let me know

Discord : Nephlim#6908 (Preferred)
Bnet : Nephlim#1798

Going to hit up some people tonight, until then still searching