Lf horde raiding guild

Hey there, returning to wow didn’t play much last expansion and excited to play this one. Have lots of raiding history if you wanna see achemievments from early kills ranging from bc to last xpac I have them all. (Been playing since game came out but no achemievments back then haha). Looking for a active guild that raids after 7pm pacific time.

Currently playing a boomkin ilvl 151 I have played and mained every class in wow and spec for the most part. Played wow classic at a very high level and look to come back and farm heroics / mythics quickly to get geared up and looking for a guild to have fun with and hang out to get some loots. Let me know if any questions

Message me here if you have any questions

Shadowdeals#6250 is my discord.

Can answer questions very mello and helpful. Been on dragonmaw since day one left a few times but back to see old friends and raid. Was a guildmaster for 13 years or so.

Yea ptf lf rm tv like 10 or so rouge even mage

Kc to lf rm right now