LF Horde raid guild with raids ending before 10pm

Hi All,

What I offer:

I started wow at the end of vanilla tbc and have played the majority of raids since then.

I played as a DK tank and druid healer in Vanilla Wrath clearing all raids.

I currently have a max lvl druid, pally, and hunter. I also have a lvl 64 warrior (and a DK of course).

I will be purchasing the boost.

I am open to playing most classes (let’s chat about what you need).

What I need:

I work nights from 10pm, on occasions I may start earlier, but that is pretty rare and would never happen on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. So I am looking for a guild with raids that end before 10pm (Probably 9:30pm so I can have dinner and get logged in for work).

Happy to raid later on my nights off which are generally Tuesday and Wednesday.

I am interested in joining a guild that plans to clear all content on heroic. It doesn’t necessarily need to be week 1 super hardcore. But I would like to finish each raid in reasonable time.

Looking for a guild with a friendly environment who is happy to group up to get gear - aka heroics and so on.

Would also love if there are guild members who play at night but that is not a deal breaker if people don’t. If this was possible I would be available to play most the night on my 2 nights off each week (normally Tuesday and Wednesday).

If you would like a chat let me know.

Best of luck all with Wrath.