LF Guild/Community for Raiding and M+

Hey folks. I’m looking for a horde guild or group that keeps other than “normal” hours. Most of my playing time is either during the week after 1am MST or on weekends. My main is a Holy priest, 218 ilvl, 1146 M+ score. I got Sire AOTC but have only managed 3 normal bosses in SoD because my AOTC group dissolved after we got it. I also have a stable of alts so I can fill any role other than tank. I’m not 100% confident in my abilities there. With all of the alts, I also maintain a key on most of them, so I usually have 10 or so keys available a week.

My primary alt is a frost mage, 219 ilvl, 1300 M+ score.

Here’s my contact info if you’re interested in my services.
btag: idnthealstpd#1599
Discord: idnthealstpd#5381