LF Guild Transferring Toon to Zul'Jin

Fury Warrior Main - Horde
In the process of levelling a Warlock (Destro/Afflic)

Started playing about 2 months ago on Hyjal. Didnt realize the realms TZ is PST, and My local time is already 1.5 hours ahead of EST. So im looking to transfer to Zul’Jin mainly bc of the larger population and the time zone.

So I dont have ridiculous parses obviously bc I just started playing, all I can really promote about myself is my accomplishments since starting 2 months ago and my personality I guess lol.

Since starting I have managed to 5 mask solo clear both visions, first clear was around 450 ilvl. I have also tried raiding in pugs, my first experience was Nyalotha Normal. I joined a group one night and we basically one shot everything and cleared it in a few hours.
After that I started doing heroic and ignored normal. Since then I have been regularly forming my own pug groups and leading either experienced players or teaching some new people who come in. I havent attempted anything in the hole on Heroic but I regularly clear the first 3, plus Hivemind Raden and Cara. I attempt Nzoth every week but the closest I have had a group come to finishing the fight was around 20% HP. Now I cant speak much on the other bosses obviously but from what I have cleared myself, and the pulls ive done on Nzoth I feel Heroic isnt enough for me. I like challenging games, and hindering myself in challenging games like deathless dark souls runs etc.

My main goal is to find a friendly semi hardcore and respectful Mythic raiding guild for shadowlands. I understand my experience is almost non existent but I feel all I need is the chance to prove myself and my ability to properly do mechanics and maintain solid dps while doing so.

Some background info, I am a Electrical Engineering Tech fresh out of college searching for work, 23 years old. Im pretty easy going and chill, like all kinds of music and joking/fing around with my buddies. I dont get frustrated with people online or over video games, that was mainly an issue in my childhood lol. So if you think I could be a good fit for your guild I would greatly appreciate it.

I apologize for the long post and most prob wont even read it but I feel the only way I can get into a Mythic guild as such a fresh player is to sell myself as best as i can. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did. Cheers.
Ill also just start applying to guilds who are recruiting in hopes one might accept me into their ranks.

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Hello Pistachomat,

Pretty Standard is a Horde Guild on Zul’Jin that has been raiding on and off since Cataclysm. We stopped raiding halfway through Nyalotha, but we are reforming the raid team for Shadowlands with some new folks.

We have a good attitude but we take progression seriously and historically have had good progression into mythic every raid tier that we participate in.

We are planning on raiding 9-12 EST Saturday and Sunday in Shadowlands plus and optional raid day that we have not decided on yet.

Add me if you would like to chat

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Hey there,

Hit me up when you have sometime to chat.
You can find out spam here on the forums so I won’t bore you with that here.

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Hello! I’m the GM of Hollowed - Zul’jin. We’re a freshly formed guild comprised of CE and 11/12 Mythic raiders, looking to go into Shadowlands with a group of people focused on getting CE before the tier ends without breaking their backs to do so. I’d be interested in showing you what we’ve got so far if you’re willing to take a look.

If you’d like to know more or chat add one or both of my contacts. Hope to chat soon.

Bnet - Dreadsyth#1838
Discord - Dreadsyth#1838

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Here’s our guild blurb. We kinda formed from just heroic raiders and all became close friends. Ended up getting 11/12 mythic!
So we’re looking for more like us :slight_smile:

A lot of guilds say they’re trying to get CE but honestly it’s really hard and while we want to TRY were not gonna make that promise and break it. That’s more disappointing imo.