LF Guild <help>

I prefer Alliance but I can be persuaded to play horde XD

what I'm interested in
Island Expeditions
Mythic Plus
being social in Discord

what I'm not interested in
being forced to play a spec or class

I will be checking this thread every hour <give or take>
I prefer to talk over Discord. so link your Discord contact info
still looking
still looking >_>
you're looking for a social guild, this is not the place to look. try /2

edit: typo
If your willing to come to the dark side and join horde (we have better cookies) you welcome to join my guild that I am trying to get started. I dont have a discord set up yet but its in the works.

Hank : hey Frank
Frank : yes Hank
Hank: there never seems to be anyone on in this guild anymore.
Frank: I know, its pretty sad :frowning:
Hank: do you know any guilds that actually have members anymore?
Frank: I did hear of this one guild that’s the biggest most active guild on Uther / Runetotem.
Hank: OH MY!! what guild is this?
Frank: its called Family First, I hear there one of the most friendliest guilds out there too.
Hank: well what are we waiting for, lets go join this guild and make our WOW time great again!
Frank: sounds good to me, i’ll see you over there :slight_smile:

are you stuck in the hank + frank rut of a dead guild? then head on over to Family First the largest most active and friendliest guild on Uther / Runetotem :slight_smile: