LF Guild for WotLK

Hey all returning for Wotlk, i played through the first phase of TBC, and then bought a house didnt have time to play.

im looking for a guild that is going to raid, not hardcore. would like to find a casual raiding guild. as i dont have the time to no life. Faction can be Horde or Alliance have both leveled up. and willing to transfer if needed, Currently on Benediction (Alliance) and Mankrik (Horde). I would like to Prot Pally/DK DPS, but also open to change.

Would also like to include my brother is also playing with me, and is looking for the same thing, he is looking to play Healer/DPS.

LMK hope to find a guild and a place to play


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Hi, I’m linking up with some friends that played during original WotLK with me and we are looking to fill out. We could definitely use prot pally and a healer/dps if you two want to join up. We’re filling our ranks on Pagle, and we’re planning on doing 2 3 hour raids per week (tentatively tuesday/wednesday 8-11 Eastern). If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, message me (discord Adamy#3730 or Bnet AdamUofM#1759).

Added to Bnet


I am also looking for a guild in pagle and your guys raid times align perfectly with my schedule. I sent you a friend request on discord. Would love to chat more!

I’m going to add too, I have a hunter on pagle.

Are your horde characters mostly shaman? I knew an Imu on Mankrik. One of them did a pretty good job of keeping my nub a** alive. XD

If this is you… HIYA IMU!!! If this is not you… Hiya Imu! Sorry to interrupt your thread. I’ll go back to stacking sand now… :wink:

Hey we are Horde on Mankrik and may be a perfect fit :slight_smile: