LF Guild 9/12 mythic 3.6k io DH

hey im a 9/12Mythic 478 Havoc DH looking for a guild for raiding/keys doesnt matter guild prog will start fresh if guild is cool mostly blue/purple logs for mythic orange/pink for heroic i can raid anyday and any time dont mind server transferring also have the AH mount if your interested in me and ya my discord is Connor#9146
some realms i will not join

Hi hunterscurse, is building teams for both M= and raiding. We have a ton of people who’re into spamming keys from basic 5s all the way up to 20 (current guild best).

We are on the Alliance side of Stormrage, not sure if that’s a turnoff for you, but if you are interested or have any questions, shoot me a message or something.