LF Friendly Guild

Hey guys,
I’m not much of a raider, but I really enjoy the game for its social aspect and making long-lasting friendships. I’m currently Horde on Malygos, but i’m willing to transfer server/faction. My main enjoyment in the game is transmog hunting, so I’d love to find a guild that does old raids and hosts Xmog competitions. Other fun events like treasure hunts, guild meetings, and just hanging out would be awesome! Hopefully, I can find an active guild with multiple members online at once that love to chat about hobbies.

Who Am I?
I’m 26 years old and have played off and on since 2005. Outside of WoW I like Comics, Star Trek, some anime, and playing PS4.

Anyways, thanks in advance guys!

You’re always welcome to roll a toon in on Icecrown.

We are a way old guild, but there are actually only a couple of us. All friends, usually only one or two of us on at a time, but with more people comes more interaction.

We may do some more content down the road, if we find enough people, but you’re always welcome to come hang out with us.