LF friend or newbie friendly guild : D

hi! i started playing wow about to 1 week ago :slight_smile: i wanna go dungeon but i feel scary since i keep making team to die (im healer) i wanna have friend who wanna go/practice dungeon together , and other fun stuff too :blush: im sorry if my english is little bit weird, its cause my first language isnt english…but i can understand almost all of them so dw :slight_smile: im lv43 ,bonechewer server

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Hi Cinnamon!

You’re welcome to check out Conquest Rising! We are a fun community who enjoy running Mythics and Raid progression. We have plenty of experienced members willing to help coach and gear new members.

We are especially eager to recruit experienced raid healers available on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-10:30 EST!

  • Erissine

“Parry This” as a guild is 8/8N and looing to clear H with a guild group. We are currently recruiting players to run M+s and raid with us. New/returning player friends were semi casual semi try hard. Our main goal as a guild is to create a chill environment for gamers. Btag: Stephenk67#1211 if interested