LF Fri-Sun raids + offnight games


I’m a returning player looking for a fun group of people who raid any days fri-sun as well as play other games with the guild on offtimes.

I am not looking for a group that raids and then pushes 200 keys. I’m over keys. I’ll do 2 tops in a week, but I would rather spend that time with a group of friends in other games (steam games like tabletop sim, cards against humanity, or alt stuff)

Im looking for a more community driven place to be where we can have fun, drink some beers, get down some content, do other things together not necessarily in wow.

I have an extensive raiding background ranging from full Naxx clear in vanilla and clearing almost every tier since aside from BT, nighthold, and throne of sargeras AOTC. I’m not a CE player. I’m just fine with mechanics, but I dont give a toss anymore about being the best that ever was.

I can play any class reasonably well with the exception of healer. I can transfer or reroll and be up to speed in a couple of weeks.

TLDR: Looking for a group that gets AOTC every tier with a handful of mythic bosses down, great environment, plays other games together, has a sense of humor.

Fri- anytime past 7PM PST
Sat/sun- anytime after 10AM PST
Weekdays- random. no earlier than 5pm pst on a good night

Thanks for reading!

Might be a good fit for you [H] Returning weekend guild lfm 12/12H

Hello Voidbeef!

I’ll still toss us out there for your consideration, but we might start just a bit too early for ya on Fridays (We start at 6PM PST/9PM EST, and I note you’re asking for 7PM), but, if it may not be a completely strict time table for ya, then we may still interest you.
So, allow me to introduce my extended family:

The Quick and Dirty:
Guild & Server: Final Stand, Duskwood (Connected Bloodhoof)
Raid Times/Days: Friday/Saturday 9:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST (2100-2400)
Current Progression: Ny’alotha 10/12H, The Eternal Palace 8/8H
Recruitment Contacts: Primary: Kalsam (Discord @KalsamRetritro#5867 /Bnet Kalsam#1794)
Optional: Dobby (Dobby#1806), Lollie (Lollie#1170), or any officer in-game
Wowprogress: /www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/duskwood/Final+Stand
Raiderio: /raider.io/guilds/us/duskwood/Final%20Stand
Requirements: Be Fun, Open and Diverse. Understand your role, and be willing to take constructive criticism.
Needs: One to Two Healers - Pref; Priest, Shaman or Paladin, Havoc DH, and Ranged DPS; Our WoWProgress is always up to date on what is needed.

Expanded Introduction:
Final Stand is one of the oldest raiding guilds on Duskwood. We are a raiding guild with a relaxed approach to raiding and are looking for players interested in working on progression, can play well with others, and are always willing to learn with a good attitude. Our focus each raid tier is at least AotC, with Mythic as determined based on the groups desires and attendance.

Raid times are Friday and Saturday 9:00-12:00 PM EST. With a five minute break roughly every hour.
Flasks and Food are provided for progression, and many in the guild are willing to make potions, gear and more for reduced costs to guildmates. Enchants and gems are available for raiders.

We like to do more than just play WoW. Our discord is often filled with people playing a wide variety of games and we encourage all who join to jump in.

Anyone interested in finding a home more than just a guild is encouraged to PST online (or bnet) to Dobby (Dobby#1806), Lollie (Lollie#1170), Kalsam (Kalsam#1794), Tirnotham, or Nahmbra.

It might be a little early. my biggest concern is attendance. I dont want to sign up for something that might get smashed by work.

If that changes, Ive got your bnet. Thank you =)