LF Community/New Friends

Hey yall, I’ve slowly returned back to the game and I’m really looking for new people to hang out with. Really looking for non-toxic, LGBTQ+ friendly and diverse peeps. I’ve had a hard time finding these kind of people in the game after a big group drama/fallout. Have level 60s on multiple servers, and have a one week on/one week off schedule. Willing to do a couple server transfers, or make an account in EU servers (currently on PST NA). Please let me know if you’re interested! Have history with M+ and Heroic raiding, but haven’t been on in a minute so I’m rusty :stuck_out_tongue: Willing to learn and pop into multiple roles. Thanks for any and all responses :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome back

If youre interested in 1 night raid on thursday 9:30 pm EST and /or wanna do mplus you might be the droid we are looking for!

our main recruting post is HERE where you can also find a link for discord chat channel if you need.