LF Casual Raiding Guild

Hi there, returning from a bit of a break, I’d like to find a nice guild to call home.

Ideally I’d love a guild that does normal raids and then works to heroic, but doesn’t intend to ever really touch mythic difficulty.

Tues/Thursday raid nights, social, does m+, and LGBTQIA friendly.

I can’t promise to be the best, but I can promise to be present, ready, and on time for raid nights.


Would definitely be interested in talking with you about your shaman. Our guild is very much like what you are looking for. And our schedule seems to align with what you want.

We have a fun raid and we are looking to add a healer to our team. We are currently in heroic progression at this stage of the tier, though we did start out in Normal.

You would need to get a little farther along with your gear before you could join the main raid. We run scheduled M+ events and a weekend alt raid in normal SFO that should help with that. It should not take long with all of the gearing options in the game now.

Our guild is active and people are friendly. People get on discord while they are running M+ or just to chat. We also have an active cross realm community.

Cairdeas is very laid back and stable. Our primary focus is AotC each tier. We are currently 6/11H. Our raid schedule is Tues/Thurs from 8-10:30 pm est. You can learn more about us here:

Add me on discord or b-chat and we can talk more about it if you are interested.

BNET Real ID: Eventin#1487
On Discord: Sevenfold#7482
or you can talk to me in game: Sevenföld | Evenlife | Sevenöut

hey heres a link to our post on the forums. check us out