LF casual guild friendly to new players


I have been playing WoW off and on since 2014. I’ve left for extended periods and then come back for extended periods. I’ve never really left for good. I am looking for a very casual guild of people similar to me. I am not the greatest at sequencing or what powers I should use at what time, etc. I probably make a lot of mistakes.

I am in no way shape or form a competitive player. I play WoW because its fun. I also generally treat it like a solo game. I don’t interact with other players for the most part. I’m looking to change that so I can do some of the dungeons and perhaps raids to get better gear and experience them for the first time.

If anyone is interested in either adding me to a guild that exists that is already like that or wants me to create one (either is fine with me) I would love to experience some of the more social aspects of the game.

Be aware that this would be a guild for people that may not come on regularly (maybe even months in between logins). Just a collection of folks where someone might be around to do things with. Very casual and commitment free.


If only you were Horde! We’d take you right away.