LF BC/Wrath Azshara People...Where you at?! :)

Any BC & Wrath babies still out there?? Any old < Armistice > members still on server or visit these forums anymore? waves

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Started on azshara middle of bc, dec 2007

Been on Azshara since 2007 sadly lost contact with all the players from back then.

I played on Azshara from 2006 till the launch of cata, when I finally started playing on a different server.

I played a Shaman named Luongo on Alliance for all of TBC, and early parts of WotLK, and then mained a tank orc warrior named Tworcsonecup for most of WotLK. I can’t really remember the names of the guilds I was in, I believe I was in more than one over the time.

I played constantly up until cataclysm dwarf paladin named tsunga. It was a really small community but I really enjoyed seen the same people in dalaran.

I remember that guild even though I played alliance a lot of your guild members were really good. I think there used to be an undead priest (or warlock?) Named Lottadots and a druid named scrubcat.

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I remember armistice!!! I Do Deadlock never dies

I’ve been on Azshara since middle of TBC. Been in the same guild since then…we were really big back in wrath and cata. Things fell off since then and are now rebuilding.