LF a new home

LVL 60 Priest with full T1 gear and some T2 looking for a new home. I’m currently on a dying or dead realm where it’s hard to get anything done. I love raiding but I also want to complete the high level dungeons too. Arcanite Reaper ain’t cutting it. I am available to raid everyday between the times of 4pm and 10pm.

Is Looking For You!
About US:
We are a friendly and determined guild. Looking to enjoy the Raids TBC has to offer. Looking to keep it social and fun, but down all raid content.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday and Thursday
Times are steady at 6-9pm PST
Positive attitude – Able to accept/provide constructive criticism while avoiding guild drama
Preparedness – Class knowledge, strategy research.
Be On Time – Timely pulls will be essential to Raid success
Social – Discord engagement and a sense of humor is appreciated

If you are interested in , please add me on bnet! Thank you.
Battlenet: Antishock#1705
Ingame: Tankertot
or my Co-Gm
Ingame: Dahitt