LF a Late Night Guild (Horde)

I’m an old player coming back, haven’t really raided BC, but I was wanting to try to get back into raiding. I’ve been having difficulty finding a group that goes when I’m able play reliably, which generally starts Midnight Server time.

I was hoping there was a guild in existence already, but I’ve not had much luck finding one.

Is anyone in or aware of a guild that is most active after midnight? Or, failing that, if you don’t know of one, and would like to be in one, post here and if there’s enough responses maybe we can create one instead. Even a hand full of people to run mythics and stuff with would beat being the only one online.

Looking to form a guild to Start raiding anf just all around bring a friendly community to the server. Message me or add me in game. I just came back after years and it’s so dead, so I’m trying to get a community together