LF a Christian Horde Guild

G’day, all.

In my time playing this game, I’ve been looking for a good Christian guild to raid with who I can also talk about the Faith with. Now, since I can’t seem to find it in game, here I am looking for such a thing. I love playing a Ret Paladin and, with time, I’d like to master the other specs, as well. With the guild I had been a part of during Legion going inactive, I figured it’s time to move on. I’m just a devout Roman Catholic looking for some like-minded people to raid and talk about Christianity with.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Let me know how that search works out for you.


You can try narrow path on thunderhorn. They have been around forever. They have a couple raid groups that raid at the heroic level. One that prays before each raid and one that doesn’t. They aren’t very active outside of that though and you will have a hard time with finding dungeon/pvp/questing groups. They are decent people and you won’t hear a lot of the vulgarity and hostility you can see in a lot of guild communities.

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I hope your search is going well. I found your post because I too am looking for the same. Scott Hahn, Father Mike Schmitz, Jimmy Aiken fan here. If you ever think about starting one, I’d transfer some toons. God Bless

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Hey, I’m looking for the same thing, looking for a Catholic/Christian guild before I get back into the game. Did you find anything?

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Not yet. I’d like a Roman Catholic guild but a Christian guild is good enough.

I was curious if you guys/gals ever found a guild? I am in the midst of starting an online christian community. Guild right now is on Zul’jin horde. Let me know if you are interested.

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I would also be interested to know if any of you finds a Christian guild on horde side. I am in a Christian guild on Alliance side and it is absolutely wonderful. I would love to find something like that for my horde characters as well. The Christian guild I’m in on Alliance side is called Renewed Hope and its on Alexstrasza. They are active and very nice people. I’m sure if you are willing to faction swap they’d be happy to have you all in the guild. However, if you remain Horde and start something or find something please let me know also.

So, a major issue I’ve encountered is that the vast majority of Christian guilds are Alliance. A guild like Narrow Path would be excellent except they are, of course, Alliance. My hope is that they would make a Horde counterpart (preferably on Stormreaver so i wouldn’t have to do a server transfer for my main).