LF a chill tight-knit raiding guild for my DH on Illidan

Hello, I have 3/8M experience and am looking for a home for this alt. I am a very aware player who plays for kills not parses. I plan on making this my main Horde toon so I will put a lot of time and effort into the character and I’m looking for a guild which will support me. DH is currently undergeared so I will have to do some gearing up. Attitude is very important to me so I am looking for a guild with no toxicity/yelling during raids. Please message me on here (I check regularly) if you are interested. The social aspect of guilds is very important to me (discord/gchat out side of raid).

Hey Lyeraa! I’d love to chat with you about my guild hubris if interested. Take care!!

Hey would love to chat more about us I believe we fit what you are looking for perfectly. Hit me at Cran#1145 and we can chat more!