Leveling up questions

This game has changed since I last played over a decade ago.

You level up so fast now, is it worth bothering with dungeons? Or concerning yourself with gear? Are professions worth it anymore?

I’ve been leveling up a few alts recently. You can still get groups for old dungeons using LFR but it’s not particularly fast - I did a couple (BFD & WC) and they both took 10 minutes or more to get a group. And while I did get some decent XP it didn’t seem to me to be much better than what I would have gotten if I had used that time to quest instead. So I’d say do them if you want to but don’t feel that you have to.

Don’t worry about gear while you’re leveling, you’ll get decent enough gear from quest rewards & you’ll be replacing it regularly anyway.

I don’t really bother with professions much any more. I still level them up on my main each expansion but mostly out of habit - I don’t feel like I get a lot out of them. And since professions are broken up by expansion now, any work you do on them while leveling to 50 isn’t going to help you when you get to Shadowlands - you’ll be starting the Shadowlands professions at level 1 regardless, except for Archeology. And since that one requires you to go through all the old expansions in order, it’s pretty much impossible to level it up now while you’re leveling your character. Plus Blizz didn’t include Archeology in Shadowlands so you can’t work on it at all once you get to the 50+ content.

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Professions were changed in BFA. Now it’s all separated by expansion. You no longer need Vanilla+TBC to level up Wrath Engineering. Nor do you need any to start Legion Blacksmithing. Do you know what I mean? You just…pick it up per expansion.

Having said that, do not bother with professions until you reach level 50 and go into Shadowlands. As for what professions to pick… that’s up to you. All my toons are engineers for Wormhole & battle res.

So once you make your way into Oribos (hub of Shadowlands), just go to a profession trainer of your choice and pick it up there!