Leveling to 25?

I have a ton of pets that are low level - including a ton of level 1s. Since this is pet XP week i’d like to get a bunch to 25. How do you guys level pets?

I am using Rematch so I created a queue of the pets I want to level. I can create a team that feeds my leveling pets into a team as I go. So I think I am all set up.

Do you just roam around Vanilla doing random pet battles until everyone is at least lv 15 and then got Outland? Or is there a better way?


I keep a few alts parked at various tamers.

For Ashlei in Draenor, all you need is your Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.

Two Nexus Whelplings can easily take care on Chrysa in Northern Barrens.

All of the Pandaren and Draenor tamers can be usefully camped like this.

Family Familiar tamers in Broken Shore can be battled repeatedly by characters of any level when their world quest comes up. Bredda Tenderhide is up today in Highmountain. She used to be too difficult to bother with, but it seems new pets are making this battle easier.


Thank you!

I always level pets from tamers in either Draenor or Panda Land.

Reason is because a few of those tamers let you get the first shot in while they buff up which is perfect when your pet is level 1.

Pet tamer Gargra in Draenor is a good example.


There are a couple of ways to approach it.

I park alts at several different trainers around the world:


Ashlei/Alliance Garrison - You can easily use a level 1 pet in Ashlei’s battle and it gives more XP than any other. This is a good place to use pet treats and make sure you are wearing the Safari Hat. You can also hearth back to the garrison to do the daily and maybe the traveling tamer.

Garga/Horde Garrison - same deal, but Garga doesn’t give as much XP.

Vesharr (Veil Terrok) and Tarr the Terrible (Ring of Blood) can also be used to level up a level 1 pet. Taralune (Auchindune) can be used with a level 10 or so pet. Don’t bother with Cymre because that fight is long.

Make sure you pick up the weekly quest in the garrison because you get 10 upgrade stones. The daily traveling tamer gives 3. Those are really useful to top off pets that are 22+.

A good spot to fight wild pets is right behind the Horde Garrison (48,74). There is basically an endless spawn of Icespine Hatchlings.

Tanaan Jungle is ok for pet drops, but the fights are hard and little XP. Worth doing once in a while, but not good for leveling.

Master Tamers

These would be Bloodknight Antari (SMV), Major Payne (Icecrown) and Obalis (Uldum). Good XP, fights are not tough and there is a possibility of an upgrade stone. All worth a parked alt.

Lydia Accoste (Deadwind Pass) and Stone Cold Trixxie (Winterspring) are good for the possibility of an upgrade stone, but XP is not great.


Doing the circuit was the old school way of leveling pets. You can do it in about an hour (which is how long pet treats last) and you may get upgrade stones or a pet. If you don’t want to spend that much time, leave someone at the Halfhill farm and fly over to Farmer Nishi.

The Beasts of Fable series is good for a possible pet drop plus a lesser pet treat, but is really time consuming and not much XP.


Crysa (Northern Barrens) is a quick and easy fight. Good XP, possible upgrade stone and unlikely pet drop.

Environeer Bert (Gnomer) is a long boring fight, but you can stick a level 12ish pet in there. Decent XP, possible upgrade stone and pet drop.

I don’t know much about leveling with Legion tamers, but I have read that it’s a decent option.

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Yeah, this is pet week, but the real key to leveling pets is finding an NPC pet battler that is repeatable. Best is haveing Squirt, the roaming Battlepet Trainer in Garrison during Pet Week. Second best is Squirt in Garrison. 3rd would be the two brothers lars and tars? in the Broken Isles. On the last, just never beat both brothers, just keep fighting the one with the oxen. Cog blade raptor and Lil’ bling plus lvl1 carry pet , and you can re-use the same team without heals, really helps speed things up and save on pet bandages.

You guys are awesome - i was leveling by wandering around Stranglethorn Vale - this is much better :slight_smile:

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There is also a Method called the Squirt Method (not that kind of squirt get your minds out of the gutter). Squirt is 1 of the visiting Pet trainers that you will see at your Garrison. There have been several people who have done Posts/Forums on this But I would suggest looking at the one called Xu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategies it gives you everything you need to do on how to Pet Power LVL including the rematch string needed to have the next pet in line to jump into the team that needs to be LVLed up.

It’s on the wow-petguide site. you can look under Guides or Dreanor. the one under Guides will have a link to the whats needed thats under Dreanor.

When you win against squirt, i think it’s funny when she says ‘this is just like the time my home town was overrun by demons’ lol

I havent been big on getting myself LVLing all the pets i have. but even i find the squirt method easy to use

Squirt was in Garrison one day this past week.
Just to see, I took an Eklek? Plushie, lvl 1 and raised it to lvl 25, with Squirt as my only opponent and the Safari Hat as the only buff. Widget the Departed and Bronze Whelpling were the other Team members.
Six fights, and the Eklek was/is Lvl25. Averaged about 4000 Pet Exp. per fight.
If I had dropped the last two fights, the Eklek Plushie still came up to lvl 22 .

I skipped Draenor :slight_smile:

I may play it on my 120 just to do the content to unlock my Garrison - it sounds like it was fun.

I built a level 3 trading post building inside my garrison, then farmed parts to create an Ancient Trading Mechanism which is the same thing as an auction house.

Whenever i need to buy or sell something that’s where i go.

When squirt isn’t available, I often use Pandaria trainers. Start with Moruk use Darkmoon Zep and Chrominius, can finish his last with explode leaving a lvl 1 to get all the XP. Then to Aki the chosen, Pandaren Flowing Spirit, Wastewalker Shu, and Burning Pandaren Spirit. Level 1 to nearly 25. Can get last little bit in fights against regular pets near Burning Spirit. This is when it isn’t pet week. Many good strats online for these fights.

Like others have said, squirt or squirt + pet battle week is best. But i also go and do the pet battle pets that have the upgrades i need whether it be a blue rare upgrade or 5 to X. It takes time and there is no magic bullet, time is ur friend.

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