Leveling on a brand new account is bad

Longtime player, back after a two year hiatus. Started new accounts for my daughters and my wife. Long story short, not being able to timewalk from the beginning (your main has to be level 60 so your other toons can timewalk) is a huge miss on Blizzard’s part.

Why drag the brand new player thru different expansions? Or on the other hand, force them into BfA? Why force them to “earn” the ability to choose where they want to level? If you are going to stick them in BfA, why make flying so difficult to earn?

Do you want to keep new players or not? If the main drive is to get them to Dragonflight, why not make that path as easy as possible?

Am I missing something here?

I’ve heard some people say that creating a trail character will count at having a level 60 to unlock Chromie. So, that’s definitely something to try out.