Level 70. How do I progress weekly?

I’m running heroics now. Will start M+0 and move up. Are there weekly chests, or other daily, weekly things I need to do in order to optimize efficiency for running and gearing?

I last played in BfA, so idk what I should be doing each week to nab the best gear and progress my toon each week. Don’t want to be missing something I’m unaware of.

I recommend u to do all the main story quests, it will help u progess a lot. Anyway, for gearing fastest, ask someone to carry u.

For weekly currently, get your weekly quest in valdraken (usually for the superbloom or other world event), then go to emerald dream and pick up the quest for rep, superbloom event, and planting seeds. Also kill the world boss in the Emerald Dream. All of these will give you gear. After that there is just the great vault which you will unlock slots for by doing mythics which give you gear after each weekly reset.