Level 60 bg's with DF greens? So OP, not fun!

So I have no time for a new xpac. I only subbed to play against other level 60’s in SL gear ya know. Why all of a sudden are their people with twice my HP? (I’m in a mix of last season SL gear on my toons, some glad, some maxed out aspirant, but still viable gear with my pvp skills against anyone before, even Rival etc players) Impossible to fight them. Is it new XPAC DF gear not being nerfed like it usually is? Is this supposed to make me buy DF and move on? It’s not. I have no time, I just like logging in to play a couple BG’s here and there to relax against players equal to myself, in last season SL gear. Which it was for a long time but now seems like DF blues and greens are present on both sides, unnerfed. Not cool Blizzard. Not playing DF till right now, maybe in the fall will see with work and all. Totally ruined the game for us that want to sit at that level and just have fun