Level 3 Garrison view leaders

Must be in Frostwall for invite, because its to view my Garrison, yours can be level 1…
Not sure if you can message me. it is not blocked, but will only be listing for this hour of the day…est.
inn is 2 , Alchemy lab is 2 working, Goblin Workshop 2, the Forge 2 working
so find me in group finder … next time I am Online.
Not looking for anyone to be friends with…

Well for others like me that don’t want anyone on their list to , well do the stuff.
post your invites after and tell what you got built there.

Are you looking for people with different “builds” of garrisons to contact you?

I’m a bit confused…

No I made the post to share my Garrison.

The whisper was for others that could not use the group finder for invites.

Since you can have a Garrison at level 10 ish, but can not use the group finder untill level 50.

Mr Lynch weren’t you working a lab in the 80s right before a gym collapsed in PM or was that after the bomb went off in the gym? It was messing schools out was the song of the kids back then and several were having babies or serving jail time. I sent one of their parents to jail for shooting me and another officer.