Letting people into lfr nzoth without cloak indicates blizzard doesn't care anymore

LFR is Cata. Dragonsoul was the first iirc.

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Exactly so using raid experience from before cata would be the sample size

This is why they came to the forums 2 weeks ago with a 15 step process to get your cloak. Mind you its alot more than that because they forgot to mention the pre cloak questline from nazjatar. I think they knew this was going to be a problem when they noticed all their casual lfr only players did not yet unlock their cloak. I mean they have all the stats. They surely foresaw this and just said lets see what happens!


Source please!

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Blizz had time to change the requirements. It makes them look bad for not accepting people don’t care about their cloak quest.

Can’t arm twist people to do crappy content that is the cloak quest. :woman_teacher: :man_teacher:

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Here we see how the cape is seen as an important accessory for players. :rofl:


ttps://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1305547-Guild-Raiding-Participation-WotLK-through-MoP here you go

Nope. They thought they could just double our work and that the casuals would do it. They forgot that the workload was already unbearable. They did not believe us. I believe somewhere Ion is telling his devs that the community gave him the wrong type of feedback so he didnt address the issue early enough. I guarantee the month after SL drops they will delete all our BFA feedback. They just do not care about the players like they claim they do.

Like I am an altaholic and am taking it somewhat slow. But I did take a week off over the last 6 weeks to play them and get them some essences. Sucks to be a wow altaholic raider. It just sucks. I avoid logging in at times due to essences and the cloak grind.


Im going to have to disagree here what game company would be happy for its player base or better yet what player base would be happy with getting a game starting it up and killing the last boss beating the game? the game having a small 2 hour story to go threw then you can fight and kill the last boss seems fair

I don’t see anything about 81%+ of players raiding?
That entire thread is only about guilds with logged kills of raid bosses and only reflects the number of raiding guilds for 10vs25 man guilds.


Because corrupted gear regardless of ilvl is good…


Decent =/= LFR.

Read further down were they looked at all player char with the achievement matching the raid active time hence my 81% and not the 98% you see at the start

2 hour story + X amount of dallies + assaults + visions of nzoth runs. IDK what rank you would need for LFR but its clearly not so easy without the cape.

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You just need the cloak, the resistance and ilvl on it means nothing.

It is a mechanic on Carapace.

It is the main way you regain sanity. You can activate it to get thrown back to Wrathion during phase 1 and 2 to restore your sanity. Otherwise you have to pick up the balls that are dropped when you destroy the absorption bubble that appears on the boss or the adds.

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You still need to do those invasions for the cloak quest do you not? IMO those were the least fun parts of the quest.

It’s not as if the cloak quest is hard

Or has it got to the point of entitlement that we can’t do a solo quest in order to get the cloak?


I hate the entitlement on current wow community, but i cant deny that doing the quest on multiple alts can get old pretty fast.


You only need the cloak for lfr you dont need to do dailies or assualts or visions so just the 2 hour quest line. Thats not allot for a game to ask for to fight the last boss