Letter to the Dev and GM

Hello long time play of this game .But that is not why I hear it has to do with trade chat .Now this my come across as I am Being Entitled but the trade chat has gotten out of hand I feel the need to say that I pay for a game I would like to use trade for doing just that trade .But it is use for peoples Political Platform witch I do not get I do understand that Blizzard will not Take Action And sensor the people that are use this as there Political Platform I have tried asking them to take it to a different chat or even to a whisper But that only get them more upset thus I am reaching out to the gm or dev team to put a stop to this I pay to play a game not pay to read toxic chat I know you can turn off Trade chat but I should not have to this have gone to far it is pushing your player away pleas dev team or gm team do some thing about