Let's help fix the problem: Layering Solutions

After watching the latest batchs of videos of people exploiting/being bounced around layers, people shouldn’t be knocked for changing their opinions.

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Here’s a short list of possible exploits you can do with Layering on beta and bugs you can experience;

A. Layer hop for Arena Master

B. Farm the same node spot for Mining and Herbalism

C. Rares will despawn if you group up with players ON THE SAME LAYER

If you think this is fine then you want Classic to fail, there’s no two ways about it.


That’s bugs. The whole point of the beta test. Layering isn’t by any means ready or finished, and it’s what the stress tests are for. The concept is sound, as long as the implementation is completed.

If you want actual feedback on fixing the Layering problems, instead of “Fix layering by throwing it away!” like the usual nonsense.

I don’t think the login/logout exploit that we have seen since the beginning of beta is a bug.

Its a beta test. This is a test environment. Not a public release.

Also the most recent iteration has implemented artificial layering to test this methodology to scale.

Not sound examples.

That one isn’t. Which is why instead of throwing out layering, it needs to be fixed.

There are problems with the implementation, but baby+bath water is not the solution, and us discussing the actual solutions would be far better use of the community’s time.

Layering as it currently is on beta cannot go live. It’s so game breaking and ugly…
Unfortunately, I don’t expect Actiblizzard to make big changes at this development stage. This pains me as it will ruin the experience of the first months leaving some permanent damage :frowning:

I actually sorta like the Inn layering restriction some proposed. I think it’s a cool idea that could be expanded upon and also goes well with the RPG theme.

Here is what I proposed as soon as they announced the layering (sharding 2.0):

Since they’re insistent on having layering then just get rid of it asap. Don’t wait until “phase 2”, remove it as soon as the initial influx of players clears the starting areas.

The problem is that at this time, we have layering with tweaks as the only realistic outcome. Any other “broad sweeping solution” is going to be ignored because they’ve put so much time and effort into layering and they’re running out of testing time.

Yep. That’s my main concern :sob: What have they done to my baby :sob: ?

“A few weeks” not “Phase 2”.

Part 2 of the list:

D. Enemy players and Players from your own faction will phase in and out ruining pvp. You can also use this to your advantage to escape pvp situations.


It just seems like it is baked into their tech. They can’t have a layer with 10 people and layer with 3k people. The solution (it appears) is to balance them as people login.

Seems like there are two solutions:

  1. Shard the first few zones (1-25 or whatever). This is what they pitched at Blizcon.

  2. Or keep the layers totally static until they merge them.

The biggest problem you won’t see Blizzard admitting is that their current server architecture can’t support large populations in small areas. We seen in BFA that even when you get ~20 people together outside of instanced content that there is a significant decrease in performance.

The argument that Blizzard is using layering to improve the initial launch experience for players is a PR stunt. Layering is being used because they are aware of the interest in classic and know that their systems can’t handle the influx unless they move back to dedicated servers, which they won’t do.

Fair enough. I’ll believe it when I see it happen. Blizz promises so much they don’t deliver.

Understandable. Actiblizzard is a growing indie game company, after all.


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people will just recruit across layers so they can hop whenever and wherever. GG

That’s partly how they described it happening, concept wise. They fill one layer, then when it’s full open a new layer.

They also talked about still having queues, so my expectation is that they’ll queue up to say 500 people before making a new layer, so that no given layer is empty.

What you say here is the only good solution next to getting rid of it. It’s mainly needed in the starting areas and going to be problematic exploiting higher end resources so you kill 2 birds with one stone. All the suggestions of time limits or specific places would break immersion so badly (layering already does this itself).

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